What makes plastic lockers a popular choice

The frenzy of plastic lockers has undoubtedly taken the industry by storm and you will spot them everywhere from swimming pools, schools, to gyms among other places. But why are they so popular is the question that lingers. Plastic lockers manufacturers have made these lockers to possess impressive characteristics such that they are a tempting alternative to the traditional lockers like steel. This article takes a look at some of the reasons why these lockers have become popular.


Unlike many other materials like steel and metal lockers that are usually used for making of lockers, plastic does not rust when they get wet. This, therefore, means that they can be placed outside and you will not have to worry. It’s for this reason that they are very common in schools, city centers as well as other outdoor applications. They can be placed under shelters or with other changing room equipment too. These lockers have also been reported to go well with cycle sheltered places next to them in a bid to provide secure storage for their things.


Plastic lockers manufacturers install ventilations in some of these lockers. These make them a popular choice for environments where air ventilation is necessary. Additionally, they have internal drain holes inside these lockers which serve to make them easy to wash since cleaning them will be much quicker as well as easier given that you can simply wash down.


When compared to steel lockers and even the metal lockers, plastic lockers manufacturers make plastic lockers in a way that they are more vandal resistant. Their impact resistance makes them resistant too and thus can be able to withstand wear and tear .The sloped top option that is usually in these lockers  has features that most schools and colleges love because  the slopped topped lockers can be able to help to prevent litter built up.


When it comes to locking these kinds of lockers, there are a variety of locking options. These include the normal cam lock, and swivel catch- an option that can be used with own padlock or the coin lock that can be operated by use of a coin. They are also much quieter compared to the traditional lockers and as a result they reduce the noise levels in schools.

Where to use them

Plastic lockers find application almost anywhere with more popularity in learning institutions for both the staff and the students. Also the fact that they can be used for outside application has made many facilities to set banks of plastic locker under shelters and outdoor areas to save internal space whereas still manage to provide storage. The hygiene properties also make them a popular choice for hospitals as well as high care, manufacturing sites like pharmaceuticals. For more details please visit this site http://qualitylockers.com.au/

Plastic lockers are usually purchased individually so that they can be put and nested by locking together to create a more personalized locker storage system which is the best choice for people that are working in limited spaces.