The Need and Utility of Horse Rugs

As you know, equestrian, horse polo and others are some of the popular horse riding games played across the world. These are some of the thrilling games. In fact, you should play these games to experience the thrill than being explained about it. But, the thrill of such games is directly dependent on the health of the horse and the way it is trained. The horse should be provided with nourishing food. It should be protected from harsh weather and wherever necessary you should cover it with suitable horse rugs Wellington shops or those in the locality in New Zealand sell.

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Recently a unique variety of anti rub horse rugs have been introduced to the market. This rug is intended to prevent horses from rubbing the hair off their shoulders and thereby prevent loss of hair.

Modern horse rugs:

Like any other industry, even the industry manufacturing and supplying equipment for equestrian and such other games has witnessed tremendous transformation. For example, the modern horse rugs Wellington local providers offer are made of cotton and varieties of synthetic fabrics. Some of the popular varieties of rugs are woolen rugs, hybrid rugs and polar fleece rugs and so on. These modern rugs have replaced the traditional rugs made of coir and such other products.

Thickness of the rug:

In addition to this, the horse rug should be airy and provide the required warmth to the horse. Further, the rug should be wind and water resistant too. In the normal course, 1200 Denier rugs should be an ideal choice for your horse. Ballistic Nylon is considered as an ideal option for horse rugs wellington shops sell because rugs manufactured using this fabric is considerably airy and durable too. In general, the thickness (also called as Denier) of the fabric used for making the rugs should be decided depending on the general weather condition, the general health of the horse and various other factors.

Choose different types of rugs:

The choice of a horse rug is also dependent on the weather condition that prevails in the place where the horse is. This obviously means you must choose different types of rugs so that you can use them depending on the prevailing weather condition.  The age of the horse is also yet another factor that needs consideration before choosing the rug.

Rugs light in weight:

Once you cover the horse with the rug, you must make periodical inspections to ensure the horse whether it is feeling comfortable. One of the simple procedures is that you may keep your palm under the rug and experience the warmth. This can be an ideal approach to evaluate whether the horse is feeling comfortable or not. You should also ensure the horse rug is of light quality. Such rugs can make the horse feel much comfortable.

Natural insulator:

In the normal course, horses have a wonderful natural insulator which protects them from the harsh weather condition. But, sometimes this insulation may fail particularly during the winter and rainy season. In such cases, you should cover the horse with an appropriate rug. Horses having lower immune system require to be covered with rug every day.

Superior quality at an affordable price:

If you are planning to buy a suitable rug for your horse, then you may visit popular manufacturers and dealers who sell equestrian equipment and related products. You can visit websites like These manufacturers are known to provide you products of superior quality and at an affordable price tag. You will also be provided warranty on every product that you buy.