That small smoke detector can save several lives

In spite of all the precautionary measures, sometimes fire accidents may occur not only in residential buildings but also in commercial complexes. But, if you have installed an effective smoke detector, then you can even prevent or at least minimize the loss caused due to a fire accident. Periodically, you should also get the smoke detector tested so as to ensure it is in perfect working condition. You may entrust this job to any of the licensed smoke detector testing services.

Recently, in Queensland because of failure of smoke detector system, several persons lost their lives in a domestic fire accident. In order to prevent such tragedies, the Queensland government has made it compulsory that every building should install photoelectric fire alarm.

CSIRO’s suggestion:

Yes, such stringent norms would be necessary in the interest of safety of people.   In fact, even the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia has suggested that smoke detectors that do not satisfy the Australian standards should be banned. Further, CSIRO has also suggested installation of sprinklers in homes and offices so as to effectively manage the fire hazard.

Mandatory periodical testing:

According to the Australian law, the fire alarm should be installed by an experienced and licensed electrician. The law stipulates that the electrician should conform to Australian standards in the installation of fire alarm. Also, according to the law, every fire alarm should be tested at least once every month from any of the licensed smoke detector testing services. In fact, the law has cast this responsibility on the owner of the building.

Replace as and when found necessary:

Like many other gadgets, even a smoke detector has a certain life span. Therefore, during the periodical smoke detector testing, if the electrician suggests that the detector should be replaced then you should follow the suggestion. After all, the suggestion is made for your safety and the safety of your family. You may wonder the smoke detector will burden your wallet. As a matter of fact, smoke detectors are available in the price range of Australian $ 30 to $150.

Follow useful tips:

During inspection and testing, the electrician of the smoke detector services would also give you useful suggestions to ensure effective working of the fire alarm unit. For example, there are instances where sometimes because of excessive fumes caused while cooking, the smoke alarm may get activated. In such cases, according to the smoke detector technicians, you should not disable the alarm unit; instead open the windows and turn off the cooking range fan.

Inspection by local council:

In fact, the law requires that every new building including buildings that are renovated should be inspected by the authorized local council. During the inspection, the authorized representative of the council should inspect the fire alarm system.

Services 24/7/365:

For any issues regarding the fire alarm including installation and servicing, you may contact experienced and professional services like the Such services apart from fire alarm testing also undertake all tasks relating to gas and electric works. You may avail their services 24/7/365. These professional agencies always adhere to Australian standards.