So What’s the Importance of a Camera Trap?

Camera trap is the most advanced, recently used remote activated camera equipped with motion sensor or infrared sensor. This camera trap method has been very popularly used in the ecological research for more than decades and used for capturing the wild animals. This was first introduced in 1990 and over the years its usage has dramatically increased as it records very accurate data.

Camera Trap

The utilization of this equipment is very easy as it is pocket sized, battery powered which is easy to operate with the presence of mobile digital camera that is triggered in heat or motion. Using that the behavioral pattern of animals were identified and they were very useful in identifying the migration of animals to improve their survival rate. They are also used in raising awareness of wild life with the help of Non-governmental organization.

Features of Camera trap

·         Featured with weather roof, waterproof housing, it protects the device from damage and animals.

·         Large batteries are provided in them which offer long running time for the camera when setting the equipment in the field.

·         Noise reduction helps to capture the image without disturbing the animals. In addition to that, they are provided with the sound recording feature, which is capable of recording the animal calls and time.

Techniques involved in placing camera

The most important thing to be considered is choosing the right place to place the camera for getting the best results. Mostly the camera trap which is placed near the mineral licks or game trails covers more as the animals come there to consume water and eat their prey. By placing the camera close to trigger lines with the help of wide angle lens by lighting the scene, it clicks great photographs even in the darkness.

It has always been a challenging task to capture the small bodied birds, insects and reptiles. In order to overcome these challenges some advanced methods have been built in them by utilising reflector based sensor system. To know more about its advanced features and placement techniques visit

SLR camera trapping

The important consideration is that they are to be placed in the remote location and they start recording when motion is present. High quality and low priced camera traps are made possible with the help of improvements in technology. This is the only way by which one can photograph many special and rare species of animals like black rhino. The SLR camera trapping provides the photograph with the greater control and higher quality image. While buying a camera trap you should be clear with the budget, climate which is present, infrared and detection capabilities which are involved in it.

Usage of camera traps

·         Identification of tropical climates

·         Detection of temperate environments

·         Finding arid deserts and rainforests

·         Identification of mountain regions

·         Estimating the number of species

·         Finding new and rare species

·         Observing well-being and survival rate of animals.

Thus, a camera trap plays a very important role in identifying the rare and endangered species with little expense, and very minimal disturbance to the wild life.