Restaurant Equipment Maintenance: Tips to Keep Ice Machines in Good Condition

Much like how a car can’t function without gasoline, a restaurant and bar cannot possibly open its doors for guests unless it has a commercial ice flaker and ice-cuber machine. Besides, lukewarm drinks will always result to unhappy customers. If you’re running a restaurant bar in Australia, buying a Sydney commercial ice flaker from any local food preparation equipment store might prove to be a challenging task especially if you’re not familiar with the technicalities of choosing the best one. And once you do buy commercial ice flaker that’s reliable for your particular needs, how can you make sure it works in its prime condition for a long time? The answer rests in your effective maintenance techniques. Any food preparation equipment you buy to be used in your restaurant bar like a commercial ice flaker in Sydney stores are top investments you need to take care of.


commercial ice flaker


This article tackles the different ways on how you can effectively keep your commercial ice flaker in tip top shape to serve your restaurant’s food preparation requirements:

Make sure to clean the equipment regularly.

Regular cleaning is needed for all food preparation equipment, especially for a commercial ice flaker. Ice is something that gets mixed in the drink and any frozen food you serve. Cleaning the actual ice maker frees the ice from possible cross-contamination that might cost you your reputation and business as a restaurateur. If you think you are not sure you can maintain the regularity of the schedule for cleaning, you can buy a commercial ice maker equipped with an in-built cleaning process. If you think you can keep up with the regular cleaning schedule, make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions on the right way to clean it.

Never forget to install a water filter

Normally, you can utilize tap water to make your ice. However, tap water is still not distilled. To prioritize the health and safety of your customers, you need to have the tap water undergo water filtration in the ice machine itself. Using water filters also blocks unwanted particles that will, later on, destroy your ice machine.

Allot a dedicated supply of electricity for the ice machine

Make sure the same current breaker is not being used for all the food preparation equipment in your restaurant. This will cause extra delay and inconvenience if ever electrical emergencies arise. Connect every equipment to different outlets to avoid short circuiting. Not only will electrical emergencies cause inevitable inconvenience, it will also damage your food preparation equipment irreversibly – meaning the equipment will be as good as gone. This will take a big blow directly to your business budget since food preparation equipment can be very expensive. This little step will mean a lot in the long run for your restaurant bar business so make sure not to skip it.

Let the experts do the routine maintenance and repair services

This is the most cost efficient and convenient way of making sure your food preparation tools and equipment are functioning in their prime condition. Trained repair technicians for the specific brand of your equipment offer warranty and lifetime repair and maintenance services. Visit our website at