Hiabs for Safe and Efficient Transport of the Heaviest Cargoes

Hiab (pronounced high’-ab) stands for Hydrauliska industry AB. It’s a Swedish manufacturer, the inventor of the first hydraulic truck mounted crane, that now makes loader and  forestry cranes, demountable container handlers, tail lifts and truck-mounted forklifts. In Australia, hiab gets used to refer to a loader crane. The power, durability and expert engineering of these trucks are valuable. Also cost-effective, Hiab trucks mounted cranes’ versatility also extends to the construction industry. It guarantees operators a safer and efficient working environment. The type of Hiab Perth has today, specifically the truck-mounted cranes, get outriggers to increase their stability. It’s good to know that for a transport service specialising in large equipment and machinery, there is a hiab Perth transport service that you can hire these days.

Versatility of the Heavy-Duty Hiab Crane Truck

The hiab crane transport Perth has today has a rotating cantilever boom for quick and easy loading and unloading without moving the truck.

  • loading and unloading of motor vehicle rolling stock like trains
  • for heavy and single cargo lifting of up to 5,600 kg at a height of 4 metres and 1,300 kg at a height of 15 metres
  • useful in disposing of waste from construction jobs
  • with a clamshell bucket, it tackles bulk cargoes
  • stationary and safe lifting and moving of heavy materials with cables or wire ropes
  • efficient transportation of large items, from sewer pipes, transformers and electric or telephone poles
  • with the right attachment, hiabs get used for digging. Likewise, they also get used in fire rescue and repairing telecommunication or power lines. Helpful in precision tasks like hanging lights across roads, trimming trees, and fixing large billboard signs and street lights, its uses are almost endless.

Before You Hire a Hiab Truck

Make sure that it’s from a local business, known to be more trustworthy because they are part of the community. Of course, hire the one with the best reputation with qualified drivers. Operating the Hiab trucks Perth has to offer are drivers with high training and qualifications. Nobody can just operate Hiabs. Accidents like falling from it, the truck tipping over and possible electrocution when power lines get involved are possibilities. Only trained hiab drivers know how to avoid these.

What size do you need? Small, medium or large? A small one is just fine for landscaping and small construction uses. The large hiabs are for big jobs like delivering building materials.

Look up the following in http://www.reefgroup.net.au/fleet/hiab-crane/ for an idea on what hiab you really need: tail lift pick-ups, twenty-six tonne Hiab truck with interchangeable trailers or thirty-two tonne Hiab four-wheel drive. Part of the hiab truck Perth has for choices are its thirteen tonne truck with an interchangeable body, thirty-two tonne rear-mounted crane with a drawbar trailer and a forty-four tonne artic Hiab with short and long trailers, amoung others.

Reef Group is a respected provider of a range of heavy-duty vehicles, including an extensive collection of Hiab Perth residents can choose from nowadays, for transport options. This crane transport and logistics specialist also serves a good part of WA. Request a quote by contacting them today.