Crisp Insight into Property Investment Benefits of House and land Packages

The rapidly accentuating demand for the land & house packages as prospective investment options has led to the overwhelming development of the real estate industry in Australia. Australia is incorporating modern adaptations to make real estate investment easy and comfortable with innovative initiatives like a digital sales suit of real estate properties in Queensland. Within a short period of only 2 years, since it has been launched in 2014, it has made 680 successful sales deals. This shows the enthusiastic approach of people in availing land & house packages owing to their lucrative benefits.

Exciting Savings on Stamp Duty

Since the awareness on the benefits of these package deals is becoming more popular among people, the consciousness about availing overwhelming saving on stamp duty is also coming to the surface. Investing in a house and land package deal can save you a handsome amount of bucks. Like, for example, if you have made an investment of about $ 450,000, you can save as much as $ 8000 on stamp duty. This is so because when stamp duty is being charged for the construction of a new home, the duty is charged on the land component only since the house has not been built yet. Therefore, you do not need to pay for both the land and the house.

Tax Exemptions

When you invest in package deals, you can also look forward to great tax benefits. When considering new homes, you can acquire added deductions of tax on depreciating aspects or assets like construction costing, costs related to fittings and fixtures after construction. This means a deduction calculated over the cost of construction, and fittings is directly deducted from the total tax. For example, the construction cost of approximately $250,000 with additional fittings expenditure of $30,000 will count for a deduction of tax of almost $16,000.

Rental Returns

If you want to get the best returns from your investment in new homes NSW offers, you can seek for tenants. Moreover, new constructions tend to attract tenants more compared to used properties. You can promote your property with all the modern conveniences to attract tenants at premium rental charges to get the most out of your investment with a long term rental deal.

Low Maintenance Charges

The real estate market is now offering land & house packages with an added builder’s guarantee. This means that the construction covered by the builder offers maintenance coverage up to few years initially. In Queensland, this term is at least 5 years, which may vary with other provinces. However, the most profitable factor is that you don’t need to pay additional havocs for maintenance in the initial few years that come under the guarantee. Therefore, the new construction will offer you more value over a longer term with no expenses.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to investing in real estate, you can count on the investment for house and land deals, which can bring you great returns. Besides, with new houses it is easier to get better high rental tenants for a longer term. Since you can choose the block design for yourself, you can accordingly plan the construction for rental or other purposes.

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